50 things to do during Christmas break

Christmas break. About two weeks of fun and relaxation as we await Christmas. But…what can we do? Just follow this list and you won’t be stuck trying to find something to do. Sit around and watch TV. Watch Christmas movies. Wear ugly sweaters. Make a gingerbread house. Make a life-size gingerbread house. Write a letter […]

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Why do we have Christmas trees?

“Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree. Why do we have a Christmas tree?”. Christmas trees are always put up during Christmas as a tradition. they are decorated with lights and ornaments and have presents at the bottom. But why is having a Fir tree in our home a tradition? Here, we will look at why […]

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Where did Santa come from?

We all know who Santa is. An old man who leaves presents at the Christmas tree at night. Of course, Santa Claus isn’t real (Or is he?).How can he get into my house if I don’t have a chimney? But how did we come up with Santa Claus and why did we describe him as […]

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8 cool and strange inventions

There are a lot of really cool inventions out there. Unfortunately some cool inventions haven’t become as popular as others for not many people know about them. So, I will list eight really cool inventions out of the thousand other unknown inventions out there.   Slow melting ice-cream Ice cream is very tasty, people love […]

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