8 cool and strange inventions

There are a lot of really cool inventions out there. Unfortunately some cool inventions haven’t become as popular as others for not many people know about them. So, I will list eight really cool inventions out of the thousand other unknown inventions out there.


Slow melting ice-cream
Ice cream is very tasty, people love to eat it in hot weather. However, you have eat it quickly before the whole thing melts. The good news is people have come up with a solution. They’ve invented something called slow melting ice cream! A protein called BsIA has been discovered that, when added to ice cream, binds together the air, fat and water. Doing so makes the ice cream more stable and melts much slower!

Laser guided scissors


This is a tool designed for cutting perfectly. It’s hard to cut paper perfectly, especially if there’s no line to cut on. Someone thought it would be a great idea to invent… Laser guided scissors! These scissors have a built in laser that shines in front of the scissors. You can use the laser as a line to cut on so you can make a perfectly straight line. No more crooked lines!

Anti-theft lunch bags

crazy-inventions-11jpgYour sandwich is precious to you and there is the chance that your sandwich will be stolen. To stop this horrible event from happening, you need to protect your sandwich. The anti-theft luch bag will help! When you put your sandwich in it, the bag makes it look mouldy and gross from the outside scaring away theives. No more thieves means that you can enjoy your sandwich in peace.

The dogbrella

crazy-inventions-22jpgYou’re taking the dog out for a walk when it suddenly rains. Luckily, you brought your own umbrella. However, while you’re protected from the rain, the dog is still in the rain getting soaked. The dog has feelings too! Luckily, you’re prepared with the dogbrella. When this happens, just clip this onto your dog and you’ll both be nice and dry. The dog doesn’t have to envy your umbrella anymore!

Full body umbrella

There has always been a time when the rain comes. However, sometimes it doesn’t fall straight down, but instead, the wind causes it to land right on your face. Right now, you really can’t get your clothes soaked. Introducing, the full body umbrella! When rain comes in all directions, the umbrella will protect you from the rain. You’ll be completely dry unlike other who start to wonder how you were unaffected by the rain.

LED slippers

crazy-inventions-33jpgYou have to get up at night. You slowly get up out of bed and look around the room. It’s completely dark, there could be monsters in the dark. People know they’re not real, but just in case, you look around for a light. The you remember to use your LED slippers! Whenever this happens, you step in these slipper and a light comes from them. When ever your in the dark, the LED slippers will light the way! You’ll never fear the dark again!

Safer in-ground trampoline

Everyone loves trampolines, they’re cool, bouncy, and just plain fun. But sometimes, you fall off, hurt yourself, and your day gets ruined. Don’t worry, the in-ground trampoline will save the day. It’s just as fun as a normal trampoline but since it’s in the ground, it’s much harder to fall off of. Plus you don’t have to set it up since it’s already in the ground!

Oculus rift

OculusRiftjpgThe idea of virtual reality has been around for a while. After all, who doesn’t want to live in video games. Building in Minecraft, flying a plane, or doing other cool stuff. A video game company are already working on something very cool. Introducing, the Oculus rift! It’s a pair of goggles with a screen and surround sound headphones. The Oculus rift is designed to make you feel like you’re in a video game! The screen inside responds to your head movements as you look around.

The headphones project every single little sound into your ears making it seem like you left the real world and entered the game! It’s supposed to be released soon so you can buy and use it. How awesome is that!

That’s all the inventions I’ve listed, but there are plenty more inventions still out there. maybe you’ve seen one, or already own one. In general, all inventions are cool. What inventions do you think are cool? 


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