50 things to do during Christmas break

Christmas break. About two weeks of fun and relaxation as we await Christmas. But…what can we do? Just follow this list and you won’t be stuck trying to find something to do.

  1. Sit around and watch TV.
  2. Watch Christmas movies.
  3. Wear ugly sweaters.
  4. Make a gingerbread house.
  5. Make a life-size gingerbread house.
  6. Write a letter to Santa telling him what you want for Christmas.
  7. Write a letter to Santa after Christmas asking him why you didn’t get the gifts you asked him for.
  8. Decorate the Christmas tree.
  9. Don’t have a Christmas tree? Decorate the potted plant.
  10. Play in the snow and make a snowman
  11. If you don’t ever have snow, make a sandman.
  12. Don’t have snow or sand? Draw a snowman.
  13. Ride a sled.
  14. Go to the hospital after your sled accident.
  15. Buy and wrap presents.
  16. Take a peek at your presents if you can.
  17. Write a Christmas story.
  18. Judge other people’s Christmas stories.
  19. Read this Christmas blog.
  20. Watch YouTube Christmas videos.
  21. Watch Christmas specials on TV.
  22. Put presents under the tree early.
  23. Guard those presents from people who want to get a peek at them. (Like yourself).
  24. Go to a community center for Christmas activities.
  25. Be forced to go to a Christmas activity you don’t want to do.
  26. Bring gingerbread people to life.
  27. Destroy said gingerbread people before they take over the world.
  28. Bake Christmas cookies.
  29. Become a Christmas cookie critic.
  30. Build Christmas themed objects in Minecraft.
  31. Look at other Christmas themed objects in Minecraft built by others. That look better than yours.
  32. Get a stocking and make it extra large.
  33. Give a friend a very small stocking.
  34. Light your fireplace and hang stockings there.
  35. Call the firemen to stop your house from burning down.
  36. Tell Krampus you’ve been very nice this year and that he doesn’t have to show up at your house
  37. Be attacked by Krampus for lying.
  38. Leave Santa milk and cookies
  39. Eat Santa’s milk and cookies
  40. At that exact moment, Santa comes down your chimney and scolds you for eating his cookies.
  41. Open gifts on Christmas morning.
  42. Sell any gifts you don’t like.
  43. Open, your Christmas cards, take the money (if any) and leave the card somewhere.
  44. Visit a mall Santa.
  45. Expose the mall Santa for impersonating Santa Claus.
  46. Break into Santa’s workshop.
  47. Steal all the toys.
  48. Kidnap an elf.
  49. Hijack Santa’s sleigh to escape with the toys and the elf and go on a joyride.
  50. Have a Merry Christmas!



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